January 19, 2011

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  • When I first saw this, I thought, “I don’t get any recruiter emails. Jontsai is too pro, he gets a lot of emails”. Then, I realized that I actually do get a lot of recruiter emails. I just almost subconsciously auto-delete them when they come into my inbox. I have too much work to even read them.

  • Wow.. I get zero recruiter emails

  • the worst are unsolicited phone calls. here are some responses my coworkers gave to this question:

    I tell them clearly and plainly what it costs to hire me away.

    If they can honestly follow up to that, they deserve my attention.

    Most slink away quietly.

    So far, only four have come close enough to that bar to warrant
    further evaluation.  As evidenced by my reply, none have actually
    managed to meet it.
    Some day, there will be another recession, and we might find ourselves with the tables turned, begging them to be jackasses to us in order to get a lead for a job.  I’d never burn that bridge because I might have to cross it someday.   I’ve never had one be so obnoxious that I wouldn’t accept a lead from them if I was unemployed.
    You could try Rick Rolling them: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rickrolling
    Also, shrink the url and send it along with the text “here’s a link to my updated resume!”
    Why “How Rude”?  Just Rickroll them.
    For email, I just ignore them unless they are especially
    nice/interesting and I may want a relationship in the future.

    For phone, the same way we treat all unsolicited calls:
    Sorry, we don’t take unsolicited phone calls.


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